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My name is Jennifer. I recently graduated from College of Charleston with a degree in psychology. I work as a receptionist at a child psychiatry office now. I'm a little obsessed with cute animals, especially puppies. I just got an eskie puppy and I'm crazy about him so expect to see lots of pictures for some time to come. My blog is a random assortment of rants, musings and various other things I am in the mood to post. I may periodically go on tirades. I consider myself a libertarian but I rarely post about politics anymore. There will be some sprinklings of food porn and sexy cars in here too. Sometimes I reblog pictures of things I like but often I use this blog to write. There's definitely no theme to this and I basically post what I want, but I try to be a little more personable than most. Any other questions, just ask. I'll answer almost anything. Unless you're a troll, in which case I would prefer you leave me alone.

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"Mayor Tom Menino issued an executive order to ban the sale of sugary drinks on Boston city property

I would be outraged if I lived there.
I will drink a sugary drink if I damn well please. What is next? No beer at bars unless it is “alcohol free”? (that oxymoron does exist) 

I understand we are dealing with an obesity epidemic but I don’t think coercing people into healthier eating is the solution…

Apparently he’s also trying to block Chik-fil-a from opening up a restaurant in the city. I think the statements Chik-fil-a has made are disgusting on a personal level, but does that give this mayor the right to prevent this business from operating? Isn’t that pretty totalitarian too? Are we going to ban any sort of corporation from functioning just because we don’t agree with their belief system? That’s scarier to me than any stupid commentary from a fast food restaurant. The truth is the fast food chain operates well as a business and not enough people are enraged enough to boycott. But that would be the only fair way. If the people decided to abstain from eating at Chick-fil-a. I doubt that will happen since every time I drive past the line is wrapped around the store. Most people just want a chicken sandwich and don’t want to think further into it. It’s pretty outlandish and stupid for a business to publicize their political and religious fervor but being that they are a privately owned company it is their right.

I haven’t been in a political rage in a while, but I just can’t believe this. I’m sure he does have good intentions and he seems to be a well liked mayor but the fact that this way of thinking doesn’t bother many people is unsettling. Maybe I’m just a whacko libertarian but things like this seem pretty simple to me. I’ll take my personal freedom over any sort of moral agenda (whether right or wrong) any day. 


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